"Patent Pending # 62/386,108 for the Locking system, Stackability, Share-ability and Cup attachment."

Manamment Team Info and Background

Lock It Plates was founded in 2015 by Christopher Mundy and Johny Delvar. Johny is currently attending Florida Atlantic University and majoring in Business Management, with over 5 years experience in the Food and Beverage industry. Johny is our Social media guy and our creative eye.  Christopher is a Business graduate from St. Francis College and has start and ran a successful restaurant in Hollywood called NK Bistro. Chris is more on the business development end for our company.  We came with the idea to help others with the same problems we have as busy college students on the go. We invented an easy way to transport food for parents, workers and a restaurant owner who wants to provide customers a reusable and secure to go plastic plates.


Our product contain the following features below

We at Lock It Plates see our product as the evolution of plastic plates, our locking system solve the main problem spill everyone experience with other plates. Our plates are lockable, microwaveable, it can be store in cold temperature without cracking and cup locking system makes it easy to carry multiple perishables, and all those features makes it convenient to store, transport and all the way to serving without using anything else. To our customers the Lock It Plates are a time saver for mothers and the average workers to just fill the plate with food, lock and go, instead of a long preparation to wash a container and lock for a fitting lid. The product also offer the convenience to go from storing to heating and serving without switching plate to microwave or additional plates to serve. 

serve, transport and store food. All in one lockable plate.

Mission Statement

     To secure food and perishables for the world in a cheap and accessible way for the new way of life that is always on the go, with our employees, communities and the world in mind