Product Development Time LIne

We at Lock It Plates have design the first lockable, disposable, reusable and secure plastic plates that make eating on the go that much easier. Our product is basically an 8’ inch plate that is uni-sexual. Where you can take the two of them and lock them together. The Fact that our plastic plates lock together, they can withstand a fall and not spill. Just simply pick them up off the ground and go.

lock it plates progress through prototypes

  • The turn and lock system is easy to use and leak resistant.
  • Plates secure and keep food hot when lock together. 
  • Open circles in the back of the plates are design to fit a 532.3 ml red plastic cup and a 266.1 ml  clear plastic cup.
  • The open circles also make the plates stack-able when carrying multiple dish while the plates are locked.   

plates features

  • Able to store more food because of its lockable capability.
  • Won’t cause food to spill because the plates stay intact during a fall if locked properly.
  • With just one hand you can carry the 
    plate and a cup lock in under at the same time.
  • Unlike most plates it can be shared among two people at once when the two sides are unlocked. 

plates uses

⦁    The outer rim of the plate is printed upside down with support for both the upper radius edge as well as the outer flat overhang. In stress test the plate was able to withstand a 5 feet drop with 5 pounds weight (food) inside.

⦁    The open shape shown above is cut out by using measurements from the intruding lock part which will be on the opposite plate. This orientation is that the plate mating surfaces will be contacting the build plate and thus be very smooth.   

"Patent Pending # 62/386,108 for the Locking system, Stackability, Share-ability and Cup attachment."

Plates design