Our Product.

  • ​The locking system keeps the plates together and gives it the ability to withstand a fall, keeping the eatables inside safe.
  • ​The built-on cup attachment system can lock a 77mm or 87mm cup under the plate, making it easy to carry with just one hand.
  • ​With our interchangeable plates, customer can prepare a to-go plate easily without looking for an extra lid.
  • ​Once the plates are locked together, it minimizes the smell of food, keeps thick liquid content like gravy inside the plate with its low leak rate, and the strong locking system can withstand a fall.
  • ​When the top and bottom plates are unlock, they can be share with two people to eat and after lock again to transport or store in a fridge.
  • The built-on cup attachment under the plate can lock a cup in to conveniently carry the food and drink with one hand, leaving the customer a free hand to carry keys, open doors or to socialize at gathering.